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Fond grandpa with two little grandsons Liam, 3 and Henry, 1 - taken in Melbourne in January 2009.

My daughter Tam was very gorgeous when she was two!  Taken in Canberra back in 1973 ...

Here's a montage of family pictures.

Mum taken on her 82nd birthday in August 1990;  my niece Cathy with my daughter Tam;  Tam and Jono at their engagement reception;  and me and Tam at the engagement reception in Canberra.

More recently - gorgeous little Liam at age 2, in mid-2008:

and Tam with Henry in early 2009:

And my gorgeous sister Alison on a walk through Southbank in Brisbane:

And my lovely niece Cathy with her mother Alison at Tamara and Jono's wedding reception in Victoria in August 2004:

A couple of close friends:

With Han (and others not shown) at barbecue after a walk at
Kondalilla Falls, behind the Sunshine Coast, south Queensland. 
December 2008.  Han in Chrismas party cap

With Paul, walking the Ship's Stern circuit at Binna Burra, Lamington National Park,
southern border of Queensland

My friend Geoff went to Tibet with me in September 2007.  Here he is in a convincing senior monk's cap!

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